Trinculo's Attic

The Guildenstern (Arduino DMX Shield)

The Guildenstern is a shield that attaches to an Arduino to input and output DMX signals. This add-on is intended for those who already have an Arduino, but wish to interface to DMX systems.

The shield comes in a full-size version, which interfaces with the Arduino Uno and other standard Arduinos, and a Mini version, which is compatible with the Arduino Fio, Pro Mini and LilyPad. Both sizes are powered by the Arduinos they are attached to and are compatible with both 3.3v and 5v Arduinos.

The Mini version is also compatible with the Trinculo's Attic Horatio (phone ringer) and Caliban (servo controller), allowing DMX input to these devices.

Note: both the Guildenstern and the Guildenstern Mini ship with all surface mount parts installed.  There are additional footprints on the board for through-hole versions of the surface mount parts.    The through hole parts (screw terminal, RJ45, and pass-through headers for the Full-Size; screw terminal, RJ45, and FTDI connector for the Mini) are shipped not installed to allow you to customize as needed.

Download the complete Guildenstern specs here.

Download the complete Guildenstern Mini specs here.


Full-Size Details

Size:  2.3” x 2.1” x 1”


    Pass-through headers for attachment to an Arduino.

    (1) 3-position screw terminal

    (1) RJ45 modular connector

User Interface:

    (3) 2-pin jumpers or solder jumpers to select resistors

    (1) RX/TX switch

    (2) Solder jumpers

Download a schematic and code examples for the Guildenstern.


Mini Details

Size:  1.75” x 0.70” x 0.25”


    (1) 6-pin female FTDI connector

    (1) 3-pin screw terminal OR (1) RJ-45 modular connector

User Interface:

    (1) RX/TX switch

    (3) solder jumpers to select resistors