Trinculo's Attic

We provide theatrical electronics products and services designed to help the theatre world integrate embedded electronics more easily into their work. From stock components to custom-built electronics installations, we have everything you need to make your sets, props and practicals blink, buzz and ding on command.

Here are a few ways we can help:

  • We offer 1-day workshops in the fundamentals of theatre electronics, designed to launch your understanding and use of embedded electronics for theatre.
  • Don't have time for a workshop? We have a book entirely devoted to the basics of Embedded Electronics for Theatre. This book is used as the text for our workshops, and is available for purchase here.
  • Already know a bit about electronics? Our line of stock theatrical electronics components is a great place to start building your own systems.
  • Don't have time to learn it all yourself? We also offer custom electronics design and fabrication for theatre and performance use.

Check out our Services page for more information on what we can do for you, or visit our Workshops page for details on what we cover and when we'll be near you. You can also visit our Blog for news, updates and examples of our custom widget work, or contact us to get a quote on a custom widget of your own.

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